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Memo to MSNBC:

I know that you watch the ratings of all your programs and that low ratings can mean the death of a program but I ask that you don’t follow the normal script. And the reason I ask this is because you really do have something special here, you have three hosts, who do not yell, scream, or cut down my intelligence, Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, and Lawrence O’Donnell. In all of these hosts I can honestly say that I learned something from watching them, maybe not every day or every week, but often enough for me to continue to watch them sort out and explain the news, politics, and lies of our nation. The past two weeks in particular watching Lawrence O’Donnell explain the true nature of the IRS “scandal” has been the most enlighten television this month.

In the spirit of Edward R. Murrow keep them, continue to inform us, show us what television can be instead of the vast wasteland it currently is.   

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